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 Christopher Troutman          
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      Solo Exhibitions
    I have exhibitions scheduled or in the process of being scheduled at the following locations.

    the Wiseman and Firehouse Galleries at Rogue Community College in Grant's Pass, OR
    the Malllin Gallery at the Kansas City Artists Coalition

    the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, CA
    The Rosewood Gallery in Kettering, OH
    Indigo Gallery in Champaign, IL

    the Fitton Art Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, OH

      Group Exhibitions


    Gallery 842's 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition at Marshall University
    and the Komatsu Drawing Prize at the Komatsu Saburo Museum in Tokyo

     Marks at East Stroudsburg University
    A Fine Line at Morehead State University
    2D-3D Works: National Art Competition at San Joaquin Delta College


      Shows in Japan

    I submitted work to the Makurazaki Triennial and got in and got a prize. Additionally, I was
    accepted into the Komatsu Drawing Prize Exhibition.

    Mariko at Yamazaki Art Supply in Miyakonojou has agreed to submit artwork for me into
    the Miyakonojyou City Museum, the Miyanichi, the Southern Japan Art Exhibition,
    and the Miyazaki Prefectural Exhibition. I think that's all of them. And I forced Rie's
    brother to volunteer to go pick up my drawing from Makurazaki. Hopefully it will go smoothly.